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Goa Plant I :


Approved by UK-MHRA, MCC-South Africa, TGA-Australia, ANVISA-Brazil & German Authorities

Indoco Remedies Goa Plant I, is a product manufacturing facility which includes Solid Dosages, Creams, Ointments and Liquid Dosages and is located in a non-pollutant area, with a vertical flow system, monolithic flooring, fully air-conditioned RM and FG stores. The unique feature is that it has a separate Pilot Plant. The plant has capability to manufacture Aqueous, Non-aqueous and Photosensitive products. It has HVAC system that maintains Relative Humidity to 40% +/- 5%. The facility has now been expanded to meet the growing demands by our customers from the regulated markets. 

The facility is approved by UK-MHRA (for Solid Dosages and Creams & Capsules), MCC South Africa, TGA - Australia (for Solid Dosages, Liquid Orals and Creams & Ointments) and by Darmstadt Germany (for Solid Dosages). The Solid Dosage facility has also received approval from Brazilian food and drug agency, ANVISA, marking the beginning of company's foray into one of the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world. The Plant also holds the WHO-GMP approval.

Dosages manufactured and their annual capacities:
  • Solid Orals (Tablets Coated / Uncoated) : 3 Billion Tablets
  • Liquid Orals : 31 Million Bottles
  • Creams & Ointments : 15 Million Tubes
  • Capsules (Hard Gelatin) : 60 Million Capsules